Weekly Spreads

These pages resemble that of a normal planner. I’ve done a few spreads to find what works best for me, which I’m still in the process of. 

Here is my very first one, fun and pretty! I played around with different images, texts, and banners. I also added a portion for me to list out things I’m grateful for, trying to get my shit together and be positive. I also made a small chart to track my energy levels that week. 

It’s important to have a place for you to write ideas and changes for next week’s spread. I also have a calendar and a place for me to plan my dinners for the week. 

Here is my second weekly spread. Less colors make it easier to look at. I didn’t end up using the planning side at all. What I did need was a place for notes, todos, and shopping.

Next one

This spread was great for work. A motivational quote was helpful on rough days, the weather to dress appropriately, and my schedule.

Page 25 is where I emptied everything out of my head I had to during the week, hence Brain Dump. This is the first time my key was useful. 

With my most recent weekly spread I listed gym classes and times and housework I wanted to get done. I left a little space to add more as I went if need.

Another popular tracking system is the colored blocks at the top. These make it easy to flip though pages to find a few things you may want to look back on later.


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