Tracking myweight loss 

I have been going to the gym on and off for almost two years. It’s been a very slow road. Some weeks I workout 5 times and then I go for 10 days without so much as a sit up. I’ve gradually seen a change in my body but I just started a tracker I wish I had done sooner. 

Counting down the pounds, that’s the easiest fastest way to track your changes. It wasn’t enough, I wanted to see if I was actually losing inches. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to track muscle gains too!

To do this I went to Michael’s (shocker it’s like my favorite store) and got a fabric measuring tape.

In the picture I didn’t need a space for each arm as it turned out. I measured at the widest part of my bingo arms. Bust along the nipples. Chest along the bra line. The smallest part of my waist is the same size as my cheast so I measured the widest part of my love handles. Next are the hips, basically where low rise parts start. Then the butt is the again the widest part. For my thighs it’s mostly the widest part or where short shorts end, also where they rub together when I walk.

The time line is a little short, it takes about 4 weeks to see any change. Once a month was just a quick easy way to remember. If you don’t measure exactly where you’re supposed to it’s ok, just pick a spot that’s easy to remember. 

For the weight tracker it doesn’t need to be in such small increments but it’s there to remind me even half a pound is a big deal and continue to give me motivation. I also set 4 mini goals to keep me motivated.


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