Diet is half the battle

The other difficult part about being newly married is that my husband does not want to eat on my diet. He calls it my rabbit diet. We also love to go out to eat, especially our weekly sushi date! 

A lot of woman drop to a 1200 calorie diet to lose weight. In the beginning it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Ever! I had to change everything about how I eat. After a few months it become easier, and about 8 months in its no problem to stay around 1200 if I really want to.

Here’s the first step, what can I eat? I created a “food bank” of all the meals I love to make and as I go through them I’m adding the calories based on how much I actually eat. I’m using a food scale to figure this out. I started with just dinner I like and am gradually adding more meals as I go. It’s really helpful to plan what I can eat based on what I’m cooking that night for me and my hubby.

The most important tracker was a monthly spread where I could count how many calories I had that day. I used to use an app but I love doing this in the bujo so much more. Over the past two months my spread has changed only slightly. I found that 4 lines was not enough to list everything. I liked to detail exactly what I ate so if I ate the same thing two days later I could easily transfer it over.

Halfway through this month I tracked my water to make sure I was getting the right amount, not something I will use all the time as I’m pretty good at getting my correct amount. You can see where I had a friend in from out of town and gave up tracking all together to go out and have fun. 

Another helpful tip: I divided all my food into containers with the calories written on it (pink post it’s). 


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