Bujo Collections

According to the original bullet journal folks what I’m about to show you don’t count as collections but it’s still what I call them.

“Sometimes you’ll have notes and tasks that are related by a common theme or purpose. Rather than having all these related entries scattered across your Bullet Journal, simply create a Collection Module. Collection Modules, or Collections, are great for organizing specific lists (shopping list, reading lists etc), classes, and projects.” Pulled from http://bulletjournal.com/collections/

My only theme is that these next ones can last thought the year potentially. 

Here’s a cute one! Too often there’s a movie in theaters I want to see but know I won’t get around to it. This page is for me to list them and them look for them on DVD later. Fun and simple.

I stream most of my shows after they air. This helps me re,ember where to go back to, helpful since I’ll miss several episodes at a time.

Need to track housework? This is for tasks I don’t do often (except I added sweep at the end and haven’t used it). As you can see I have some deep cleaning to do.

These are my monthly bills. I’ve only listed them out though August. Each time they’re paid I’ll cross out a box with that color. I used to make countless spreadsheets for this. The bottom are gift subscriptions I’ve purchased, this reminds me when to cancel them as well.


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