Bujo Basics

Here are the only pages you really need to have to begin.

First page – an Index. This will list everything you put into the journal and where to find it. Very helpful once you have a lot of entries. From here you should also number the pages. I number about 20 at a time.

Second Page – a Key. What do all of your cute symbols mean? I used some basic ones and added some of my own. (I.e. My HIT list * highlight my top three most important tasks.) Don’t forget to go back and list this in your index.

Third Page – Future Log. Here you divide each page into three even boxes, do this on four pages. Next add a month to each box, it’s ok if it if the first box isn’t the first month of the year. You’ll use this page to write any future events you have coming up throughout the year.

Fourth Page – Monthly Log. This page hasn’t been useful for me but I can see the value in it. Here you list any date specific tasks through the month. There are several ways to create this layout and make it different for later months.


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