Am I too Old for Hobbies?

I wondered this to myself the other day as I tried to think of the hobbies I used to have. I came up with nothing so I decided I’d try and find some new ones.

I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store and wandered the aisle. I wandered for so long I was asked if I needed help multiple times – I probably looked like a shoplifter. After what felt like an hour I left with very little to show for my time.

This effort was not entirely fruitless. I realized I used to go to craft stores to find ways to organize and decorate my apartment. Since we are moving to a new place in two months this isn’t a hobby I can explore now but one to keep in mind for later.

My current hobbies consist of adult coloring books (although I’m not sure how adult my Disney Villains coloring book is), these are intricate and express my creativity and help clear out my mind. Then there is always watching way too much Netflix , which after a while is pretty boring unless you have a new show you’re obsessed with.

The rest of my hobbies I feel I’ve developed for my husband. When I first moved in with him he bought me a gym membership – without me asking. I’m sure you can imagine how that conversation went over. He pushed me to go for my health and now I do actually enjoy it, it only took me over a year for that feeling to develop.

I wish I could say my time at the gym was well spent. I can’t seem to lose any weight because we go out to eat way too often. My husband’s favorite foods are tacos, pizza, and wings.

I cook occasionally. Another trait I developed in this new life. Tried crocheting, rather poorly I’ll add.

So I wonder, am I too old to find new thing I will truly enjoy that are just for me?




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